Free Energy Work!

2 Free Polarity Sessions

I need 2 people who does not know what polarity is to practice on for a class.

The sessions are free and will be at 11:30am Saturday 5/8 &  9:30am Sunday & 5/9.

Comment on if you want to do it and you can definitely make it.

Wireless Electricity - Safe, Efficient & Over Distance

Wireless Electricity? We’re in the future.

Wireless electricity is changing the energy game!

It smells like , looks like and sounds like an answer to our transmission of electrical energy across large distances has been solved in spades. How long before this starts to revolutionize our world? According to Eric Giler of Witricity: 2 years.

Witricity is Wireless Electricity Continue reading Wireless Electricity? We’re in the future. 
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Exclusion Zone Water | H3O2

When you start to look at water molecules by themselves they do strange things, but when you start to put them together and observe them at the microscopic level things can get a whole lot weirder. According to the research of Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington water has a 4th state of matter after liquid, ice and vapor. Continue reading Exclusion Zone Water | H3O2