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These books are life changing.

My Big Toe
My Big Toe (Theory of Everything) explains how existence works in the ways that it does and how to figure out your own answers. Einstein was working on this theory the rest of his life after E=Mc² and Thomas Campbell has nailed it. Based on experience which is outlined in the first part of the book he delves into his work with Robert Monroe on Out of Body Experiences and draws  the connection between quantum and classical physics, physical and non-physical, and everything in between. Campbell is able to quantitatively and qualitatively verify via subjective and objective data the inner workings of the universe. This book is not for the faint of heart as it’s 1400 pages and will have you reading pages multiple times just to wrap your head around concepts.
This video will give you a taste of why the book is so intricate.
Yoga Wisdom at Work

Yoga Wisdom at Work is an amazing supplement to any yoga practitioners reading material. It goes over the 8 limbs of yoga which are much more extensive than most people think. Used as a primary supplemental book to any YTT class this is an excellent choice for any setting.

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The Key Poses of Yoga The Key Poses of Yoga is an excellent way to visualize the muscles at work during yoga to get a deeper understanding of what is happening with every asana. Focusing on the muscles and describing every detail of what is happening during the processes while actually doing the moves is such fun. It provokes thought and brings awareness. Glad our YTT program requires this one.
Jesus, Buddha, Krishna & Lau Tzu Jesus, Buddha, Krishna & Lao Tzu shows the similarities in the different religions and the teachings of their leaders. In a fantastic display of unification this book is an excellent source of inspiration and wisdom.
Robert Monroe | Journeys out of the Body
Robert Monroe | Far Journeys
Robert Monroe | Ultimate Journey

I highly recommend everyone read Robert Monroe’s out of body series. I’ve bought 2 copies now as I like to lend them out constantly. They’re a light reading and they provide profound insight into all that is beyond our normal perception.