I heal through a variety of modalities which are intuitive, simple, and backed by science.


My training is in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, and Shiatsu. Until I’m booked solid I’ll be running a special of $60/hr which is 30% less expensive than most massage therapists in Medford, Oregon.

Polarity (AC)

Polarity is where I connect different parts of your body together like a battery to see where your sparks occur. This one is particularly fun for those who like to find out what makes them tick in their day to day life and see it fast. Some sessions are relaxing and insightful and others can be a rollercoaster of emotions, memories and sensations.

Reiki (DC)

I open myself to allow the chi, prana, reiki or whatever you want to call it to channel through myself into you. Whether your challenge be mental, physical, or spiritual; past, future, or present I can help you out. Reiki is fun because the results can vary from quick and obvious to slow and subtle.

Yoga Nidra (Ground)

What goes up must come down and Yoga Nidra is like the earth. We are born of it, we live of it and we die with it. This is a harmonic life balancer which heals the mind, body and spirit from the highest vibration down to the lowest. An amazing way to tune into reality’s true nature Nidra is seated in the origins of Yoga and can heal long standing challenges spontaneously and completely.