Asana – Physical

Read by: Kevon Lindenberg
Yoga Wisdom at Work
Written by: Maren and Jamie Showkeir

 Asana Yoga is an amazing way to reduce stress, improve physical well being, and help cultivate a self awareness that can change your life. This is the 4th limb of Yoga and the most widely known. Many westernized students start Yoga as an Asana Yoga practice thinking that is all there is to it and many are continuing to learn the rest of the 8 limbs realizing the benefit that they all provide.

Yoga - Asana - Forward Lunge

Yoga teacher training in front of My Spirit of Yoga.

Asanas are widely known as “Yoga postures” or “Yoga positions”.”Asana” quite simply means “a posture.” Any way that we may sit, stand or position our hands is an asana. Therefore, many asanas are possible. However, a particular posture that leads you to a higher possibility is called a yogasana.*