Unless you share it…

Unless you share it...

Blizzcon Starcraft swag holds a gun to a  Teddy Bear with a Peace Pipe in his other hand & Penguinface breaks the 4th wall to bring you this message, “What you see here is of your own creation when you personified 2 inanimate objects placed near each other in a suggestive pose and a 3rd barely convincingly 2d drawn penguin someone stuck together with some pixels & used your imagination to fill in the rest.”

The Kicker?

Lord Penguin

“I am you, ” Penguinface.

May you be




To serve or not to serve?

To serve others or to serve oneself? That is the rhetorical question.

For when one serves others they are also serving themselves in many ways. Each has their own motives and every selfless act begins with a selfish desire. Continue reading

Old Friends

When pen and paper meet like old friends words will fly.

Spirits combine and recombine into new & wondrous things. These phantoms of old are but figment of their dreary selves.

Syntax & Grammar, punctuation &. . . Pause.

Spelling &                        Spacing.

Let not thy thoughts be construed as misjudged misanthropy. For the under current of futures will be written anew or never written at all, but cast upon the ear less trees ready for action upon them, but never acting upon the world in acoustic clarity.

The muffling cries of those futures collapsing the past howls of new. Fear not for those possibilities as the probability waves goodbye. You are never alone & have nothing to worry about. I am but as all. we experience, expectorate & ejaculate all actions & in-actions that forebear us.

So be still & listen to the muffled screams of the trees. Act upon the world as stillness; LOVE.