Wireless Electricity - Safe, Efficient & Over Distance

Wireless Electricity? We’re in the future.

Wireless electricity is changing the energy game!

It smells like , looks like and sounds like an answer to our transmission of electrical energy across large distances has been solved in spades. How long before this starts to revolutionize our world? According to Eric Giler of Witricity: 2 years.

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“This will be on the market in 2 years in electric cars.”
Witricity - Headlights 930 watts @ 98.5% efficiency
“…that’s about 930 watts. That looks like 930 watts and why is that? Because it’s 98.5% efficient”
Witricity - Phone being charged by a laptop

Wireless charging laptops will be able to charge your phone and batteries will never again need to be replaced.  Wireless power means they charge while in use and future devices won’t need batteries at all and we’ll save the money we would’ve spent on them …which is staggering.

Witricity - Batteries
The world spends $50 billion US a year on batteries and only 6% of them are rechargeable.*
Watch ↓ WiTricity and the world: Eric Giler at TEDxPortland

And while this alone is amazing I’m really excited for are the transportation applications. When Solar Roadways Witricity come together I think the entire transportation industry will revolutionize overnight. Solar RoadwaysEntire cities powered by the roads, and witricity wirelessly charging the cars that drive on them. Electricity produced locally & transported safely, efficiently, sustainably. We’ll be able to be begin putting out the fires of the fossil fuels we’ve been burning and enlighten our path to a better future.

& If you don't know what solar freakin' roadways are... catch up! ↓


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