Circadian Rhythm

Bring the sun inside

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Systems that mimic the light–dark cycle have been found to be highly beneficial to astronauts.

And how it matters to you.

Circadian rhythms which regulate all the biological processes of the body are based on the 24 hour light cycle & are easily prone to disruption. When the body gets thrown from its normal light cycles with unnatural lighting or weird waking hours it adapts, but it receives diminished returns on investment. The cells function improperly, biology gets thrown off and it affects our health.

In study after study a positive correlation shows that the disruption of one’s circadian rhythm increases the likelihood of ALL diseases & the lack of full spectrum lightning can have equally devastating health effects. Using sunlight to light our world makes sense.

It decreases business costs, improves worker efficiency & elevates the health of employees.

This video by Parans gives some of the science behind circadian rhythms, the cost savings & fiber optic installation options that are becoming more commonplace.

Dear Earth,
Tell your CEO’s & Presidents to bring the sun inside!

Circadian rhythm

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