The Power of Your Other Hand | An Ambidexterous review

2 handed drawing | Ambidexterity in action
Ambidexterity drawing practice.

Ambidexterity changes your world profoundlyI’ve been studying consciousness, reality, quantum and classical physics, etc for the past few years and this book on ambidexterity is the most profound book I’ve stumbled upon in my quest of reality mastery. I’m only 61 pages through the first edition of the power of your other hand & have done every exercise that I’ve stumbled upon. If the rest of the exercises are as eye-opening and consciousness raising as the ones thus far I will have stumbled upon another amazing way to really assist with the world with its shared evolution. I have already taken what little knowledge I’ve garnished from this book into everyday applications within the rest of my life.     I had just finished my Yoga 200 hour cert when I stumbled upon this book in the interim to 500 and the feeling of being prepared is brimming within me where before i was crazy nervous. Balance is something everyone can understand and this book makes it simple; ambidexterity in all allowable things allows us to tap into a fully conscious experience. Lucia has stumbled upon a piece of ancient knowledge which will allow the world to tap into the powerful world of the unconscious en mass. The skills and wisdom which can be gleamed from this book are innumerable in everyday life. I would highly recommend everyone read it, especially children.  

So give your brain a workout as it’s the only connection to your body that you’ve got. 

Be Conscious & Evolve.