Karma, Earrings & Love

Mother of Pearl Inlay Plug in horn from Buddha Jewelry Organics

The path of least resistance leads to love & abundance. As we output to the world whether it be within our thoughts, speech or actions so too will we receive back and so the cycle of karma continues. This can be thought of as resonance with out surrounding universe. Sometimes it takes a while for this to come back and other times it can come back immediately. It just depends on the consciousness that you’re resonating with.

An amazing experience happened to me the other day with a consciousness at work where I went outside the scope of my position to help them get an SSL working for their site Buddha Jewelry Organics so their shopping cart would work. They in kind took that upon themselves to extend their love and abundance upon myself in the form of the beautiful earrings you can see shining in my lobes above.

Thank you for being amazing and continue to spread love through your store. You’re the shining example of what can come of a business with a heart.