Worm is The Best Web Series I’ve Ever Read

Placeholder_female_superhero_small Placeholder_male_superhero_cWorm is the best web series I’ve ever read and I think you’ll agree. Thrust into a world of heroes and villains you’ll never want to come back to reality. In this web series J. McCrae aka Wildbow depicts a fantastical world where parahumans and humans exist side by side in harmony; well, maybe in one of the parallel universes. In this story of parahumans villains and heroes  are the primary force in the world controlling the good, bad and the ugly.

The main character is Taylor: a 15 year old girl with newly found powers, the desire to be a hero and she controls insects. With powers abound and quantum physics at play this series is one that will have you jumping for joy, yelling at your screen and sharing this with all your friends. Since being introduced to this story in my office I’ve seen it jump from screen to screen like a pathogenic virus threatening to destroy work efficiency and bandwidth.

Give it a read and I’m sure you’ll thank me.